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Back in June, while thinking about turning 40 and what that means to me, I decided to write a Facebook post about doing 40 things for 40 people to celebrate.  I have worked in social services for all of my professional career (minus a few part-time gigs), so the idea of giving isn't one I take lightly.  I wanted a way to bring a smile to whomever I was doing the 40 things for.  So after thinking about what 40 things I could do, I decided I would create handmade cards, writing down special thoughts or encouraging words.  I also decided to include a little card for the 40 to then pass along and do the same I did for them.  This is taking a lot longer than I anticipated, but I can say with a smile that I'm loving every minute of it.  I work on the cards while Q is asleep, stealing away a few minutes to really sit and think about the person who is receiving the card and what my heart wants them to know.  I sent my first round of cards last week, and it truly made me feel SO GOOD.  I only took quick iPhone pics, so I apologize for the bad photos.

You'll see that some of the cards are the's so much easier to make two of the same once you get going!  So while I want them to be individualized, for the sake of my sanity I am making duplicates, haha!  But the message inside is all that matters, and there's nothing but love in the form of words, paper and glue going in each envelope.

This photo shows four of the next round to go out at the end of this week.  My initial goal was to have this completed by the end of the summer, but I have a feeling it might take a tiny bit longer.  And that's ok.  The fact is this:  I said I would do this, so I am doing it.  And it's one of the best ideas that I have come up with and acted on so far.  40for40

2 comments on "40for40"
  1. LOVE how you used the LF Hello die!!! SOOOO cute!!

  2. I completely LOVE the cards I received!! I have the personalized one hanging on the wall by my desk, so I can look at it every day! :)


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