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I am a full-time Mama to my precious Quinn.  She is my only and will always be my only, as our story started with several years of not getting pregnant, and ended with insemination and Clomid in order to have this sweet girl.  The infertility lead to the name of this blog, as I originally started documenting our story about creating us--our family--but the name also leant to my passion:  scrapbooking and card making.  Now this blog serves as memory keeping of our daily lives (the "us" of the title), and a way for me to showcase what I love to do (the "creating" part of the title).

I have been a scrapper for many years.  I was inspired to start scrapping when my dear friend Angie gave me a scrapbook she created for my college graduation.  Angie is incredibly talented and highly creative in many mediums, and I had always wished for a just a bit of her creativity!  (So thank you Angie, for sending me down this path to memory keeping, as I believe it is my true calling.)  After my wedding in 2008 I created small albums for my bridesmaids and family members, but never did anything more than create and give away; about year after my wedding I got a part-time job at a local scrapbook store and discovered I actually had a way with helping others as well.  I taught some die cutting machine classes, picked up some new skills, and really felt like I had come into my own with my creativity.  I made scrapbooks for my BFF Freddi, who has two gorgeous daughters, and made all my own cards.  I was scrapping photos of anyone and anything I could get my hands on!  Then I started reading some amazing scrapbooking blogs and found tons of inspiration on-line.  I realized there was an entire community of crazy talented gals!  I started subscribing to various monthly kits and that really challenged me....but I never felt really at home with those kit clubs.  I was intimidated by the published design team members, by the talent of other subscribers, by my lack of knowledge on how to even post a pic of my layouts.  Until Gossamer Blue.

I found Gossamer Blue through one of the kindest people I've ever had the pleasure of emailing, Stephanie Howell.  Stephanie is way talented, published, has been on design teams and worked for My Mind's Eye.  She posted about GB one day and I was hooked.  I subscribed immediately and have been in mad scrap-love ever since.  This kit club provided me a safe place to start posting my work.  Everyone who is on the design team was providing me encouraging feedback on my layouts, and the other subscribers were incredibly kind.  And Lori, the owner of GB, loves her subscribers.  She makes you feel special, personally answering any emails sent her way.  Through GB I have since "met" Emily Spahn, who has a whimsical, fun style that I just can't get enough of.  Emily is another scrapper who has inspired me and been so friendly, even though she is amazing, published and just awesome in every way.  Gossamer Blue has given me incredible opportunities I didn't think would ever come my way, and I am honored to be a part of their community.
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