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The Pocket Letter Craze

My friend Sasha showed me some pocket letters a while back and I was super skeptical.  I thought it was just another fad-trend-craze that would fizzle out sooner rather than later.  But oh my goodness, how wrong am I?  Pocket letters are blowing up Instagram and Facebook!  One of my favorite Internet friends, Heather at Goldiecar Designs, sent me my very first PL and it was love at first sight.

HOW FUN IS THIS?  You get a fun note and all sorts of goodies to share in your own pocket letters, or just keep in the pockets to enjoy.  I LOVE THIS IDEA.  

This concept was dreamed up by Janette Lane (read her idea HERE) and has blown up all over the world.  You can find Pocket Letter Pal's from just about anyplace.  

I've since received two more PL's and know I've got another coming from a friend I met on Facebook (link to the FB group I'm in HERE).  The first is from my friend Sasha and the next is from a FB swap I agreed to:

Last I have a few PL's I've made and sent out.  I prefer working with a color story instead of a theme. I like to ask my PL pal their favorite color and other things they like/enjoy so I can personalize their PL as best I can.  Some people like to make the PL's and then find a swap partner, but for me I like to create with that person in mind.  

Have you made a pocket letter yet?  Would you like to swap with me?  I would be more than happy to make a special PL just for you!  Leave a comment on this post and I will reach out to you so we can exchange info.  Happy Crafting!
3 comments on "The Pocket Letter Craze"
  1. LOVE! And disco glitter is an amazing thing! I can't wait to start on your second! <3 Heather

    1. Hi Jill,

      I just received your PL today. It is just beautiful. Thank you so much for swapping with me. I'm not working the next few days so I should be able to get yours mailed out by Friday. '
      Thanks again,

    2. Hooray! So glad you received it Rita! Thanks for commenting on my blog :)


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