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Gossamer Blue December Memories Blog Hop


Welcome to the Gossamer Blue December Memories Blog Hop!  I am so thrilled to be doing my third GB December Memories album, and to share it with all of you.

I have two sweet friends who are doing their December Memories album along with me, so I have opted to put my kit in a tote bag to make getting together and scrapping super easy.

Every single tool + the entire kit contents fit perfectly!  I grabbed coordinating inks, embossing powders, twine, stamp blocks and cutting tools from my stash.

My dear friend Rebekah from Life of B created a photo prompt list that I'm using this year (click HERE to print her list or add it to your google calendar!), so my album will consist of a photo prompt pic and a daily pic, unless the two get combined for that day.  For my foundation pages, and because this is the way my brain works, I find it easiest to use sticky notes on the completed pages as reminders for where the photos go and what the photos will consist of (hopefully!).

As you can see, I'm doing some see-thru pockets this year (I also did a few last year); I really like how the next page peeks through the see-thru pocket.  I'm also mixing up the page protectors; I've done this every year and I just like changing up my photo sizes throughout the album.

To place the ampersand in the pocket I cut down a 3x4 pocket page.  I trimmed the edges of the page off until I had just the front of one 3x4 pocket, then attached the die cut and slipped the whole thing into my 3x4 pocket page.  Knowing you could see the back of the ampersand, I heat embossed the back of it using gold powder.  A bit of the powder got on the front as well, but it turned out great!  Happy accident :)

Doilies are making a strong statement in my pages, I think the gold ones included in the kit are so pretty!  I also really like the small bags in a pocket in place of a card.  As December progresses I hope our daily activities provide me some small ephemera or other goodies to place in the pockets.  If that doesn't work out I'll add in sequins or confetti!

I do anticipate having more than 1-2 photos on some days, so I'll use the extra pocket pages as inserts when needed.  I may cut down a 3x4 pocket page to just two pockets, or possibly stitch a 6x8 page down the middle and trim off the excess for a 3x8 page.  My process is to complete the foundation pages by the 3rd or 4th of December and then totally finish the pages with photos and additional embellishing every 1-2 days, as my schedule allows.  I absolutely do not get any further than 3 days behind, ever.  It's my one personal rule for this project!

Thanks so much for checking out my December Memories process!  This project is one of my all-time favorites each year, and one that I plan to continue into the future.  

Keep hopping along to the fabulous Jina Jean!

In case you get lost here's a master list for the blog hop, or you can go back to the Gossamer Blue blog to start over.

2 comments on "Gossamer Blue December Memories Blog Hop"
  1. You have really good ideas here, Jill! I don't do an album because I don't think I could keep up with it but I like that you have your post-it notes as prompts and reminders to make adding photos and journaling easier. Maybe someday I'll give it a try...

    1. You should definitely try Rebecca! It's not as intimidating as you think once you jump in :)


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