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So...where have I been?

I'm a terrible-rotten-no-good-very-bad-blogger.  For someone who usually has an opinion about everything and loves to talk on the phone....the written word and regular updates just don't seem to be working for me.  IN MY OWN DEFENSE....we did sell one house, buy another, and experienced The Move That Never Ended.  Then I just kinda sat around and enjoyed the new house for a while.  As of right now there are still two unpacked boxes in my living room, but my living room is almost three times the size as my old one, so it's not like the boxes are in the way.  HAHA!

Miss Q spend most of December re-arranging ornaments on the Christmas tree.

My Hubs spent most of December dreading the Visa bill.

And I spent the last few months just barely turning in my layouts in time for the Album Challenge for Gossamer Blue.  Here's the last few using the December kits:

ANNNNNNDDDDD....I finally got a fancy-pants camera!  Meet Stella!

So, a New Year's resolution for this blog:  Update at least twice a week.  Even if it's just a few words about what we had for lunch, I've gotta do better.  I've made a bunch of cards and many layouts that I'm proud to share, but just haven't gotten it together enough to blog.  So here we go 2014, here's to doing better.