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Discovery Part 1

My November Gossamer Blue kits arrived the other day; so much pretty in that box, yet I feel at a loss as to what I will create.  Does that happen to you?  (please tell me that it does)  You have all this great product and it's all just so gorgeous, but you're totally stumped.  The same thing happened with the new Gossamer Blue lines!  It's all so lovely yet I can't bring myself to cut into it.

I hosted my first Super Secret Scrappers night (aka: Get Shit Done night).  Several gals I met through MOMS Club came over and we created and gabbed.  I had lots of creative energy flowing in my basement and I just couldn't find my direction.  It's like my head has an idea but my hands aren't listening; what's going on in my brain is not coming out right at all.  So frustrating.

My response to this awful block is zipping around the internet trying to find something that sends me back down my creative path.  In searching, I feel like I have realized what I'm NOT into, so here's a quick list of what I feel isn't me:

  1. Stitching on layouts.  I love the look, I wish I could do it, but when I've tried it comes out as a wonky mess.
  2. Watercolor backgrounds.  I'm too impatient for it to dry.  I'm too impatient to let the colors do their thing.  Apparently I'm impatient.  (side note:  I had a friend who always wrote "inpatient" instead of impatient.  Funny stuff.)  Is it worth trying again?
  3. Misting.  I try and I try and I try.  I will continue to try because I love the look, so this probably doesn't belong on the list.  But sometimes it just comes out all wrong.  Can someone teach me how to flick already?
  4. Straight lines/grid patterns.  I.  Cannot.  Cut.  Straight.  Even with a paper trimmer (I like to blame the trimmer).  Or line things up straight.  I'm an eye-baller, I don't have time for T-rulers and getting things all perfectly centered.
  5. Solid card stock.  When I look at a blank sheet of card stock my eyes get all buggy and I am completely stumped.  I get an uncomfortable feeling in my stomach and reach for some lovely patterns.
I think, to challenge myself, the key is to give it all of the above a try again.  Except sewing, I'm not a sewer.  Ok, maybe I will try that one again.  Or maybe not.  Indecisive much?

I've found some beautiful work on the interwebs that ISN'T ME but it just blows me away and thought I would share.  Maybe if I stare at these photos long enough something fantastic will work it's way out of me...

Mixed Media isn't my thing (yet?), but this is a GORGEOUS layout found on My Mind's Eye blog.

Solid card stock.  Lots of white space from Stephane Bryan.

Blissful simplicity by the amazing and kind Stephanie Howell.  And the humor!  Love the idea behind that layout.

The flicking.  The misting.  How does Mel Blackburn get it so right?

One of the kindest internet friends I have, and she can do it all!  Heather Conklin is just. so. good.

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