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The last few days...

The girly and I took an adventure to my hometown for Old Settler's Reunion.  This celebration occurs every five years and most people who grew up/lived there at one point return to reconnect.  I spent time with one of my classmates and was able to visit with another very briefly, plus see a handful of others from my childhood.  Now I get to share Old Settler's Reunion with my girly!

Our last day before heading home to get some much-needed rest included birthday cake for me!

41 years old.  For some reason this number is harder to take than 40!  It shouldn't matter at this point, the number doesn't signify anything.  Maybe the birthday in combination with Old Settler's made me reflect a bit more than other birthdays, as I've been spending more time on memories lately.  Lots of changes in my life since the last Old Settler's Reunion, mainly the addition of Miss Q in our lives!  
Here's a quick re-cap of the last 5 years:
  • Miss Q
  • Quitting work to stay home with my girly
  • Design Team Member!  Special thanks to Lori at Gossamer Blue and Lisa at A Walk Down Memory Lane for having faith in my work
  • New (to us), bigger house that I love.  I've also realized I don't really like houses built after the 1960's
  • So many new girlfriends.  Making friends as an adult is about a million times harder than when you're a kid (and by kid, I mean college age and younger).  There are several girlies that have really impacted my life in a positive way--you know who you are
  • KIDS.  I love and adore my friends' kiddo's
  • FAMILY.  Hoping to stay connected to extended family!  I recently found a few of my favorite cousins from my childhood on Facebook and that is the best. feeling. ever.
There's so much more.  I think I'm going to spend some more time immersed in these memories and thoughts, maybe do a now and then post sometime soon.  It feels like something inside needs rediscovered and I'm awfully close to finding it.

Stay happy my friends!

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