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A Quickie

I finished my four GB challenge layouts last night.  I scrapped until my eyes were crossed and when I went to bed I couldn't sleep!  Isn't that the way it works?  Here they are...

Who Are These People?

The One & Only Papa

Early Morning Moment

My What Big Eyes You Have

Today is a busy day for us, rec basketball games for a niece and some other family and friends coming by, so I'm off to run around like a mad woman for the next few hours!  Hope everyone has a super Saturday :)

2 comments on "A Quickie"
  1. Jill - these are so cute! You have some great layering going on here! I just remember you asked for some photo tips for layouts on my blog so wanted to be sure to respond. I have a sun porch so I take all of my photos there in indirect sunlight. I also use glue dots on the corners of my layouts and stick the layout to a piece of white foam board and prop it up. (I found that I have to stick the layout down or I might get bubbly edges.) I take my photos at 800 iso without a flash. I usually have to do some work in photoshop with the light levels (always minimal) and then I do a little trick to transform (straighten) the layout so it's square. I size it to about 1000 pixels and then sharpen it. It took a lot of trial and error but I have a pretty good routine down now. If you have anymore questions, just let me know!

  2. THANK YOU! Major help, I'm going to try some of your tips...I don't have a fancy camera, but think some of your ideas will make a big difference! You're the best :)


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