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I suck at this.

I'm not getting anything done.  Not. A. Thing.  My house is constantly trashed from a wild baby named Miss Q, the dishes are always piled up and I just cannot get into my craft room to make stuff the way I desire and envision in my head once my head finally hits the pillow.

I suck at this.  This blogging thing.  This crafting thing.  The mommy thing.  Ok, not the mommy thing, I'm actually having a ball with my 11 month old (aaack, her 1st birthday is less than a month away!?!?!!?!?).  But blogging and crafting and wanting to participate in challenges and get my stuff out there in hopes of ever being asked to join a team?  Ummmm, might not happen the way it does in my daydreams.  Sigh.

Here's my January GB Project 12.  It was a major rush job and (shhhhh, don't tell!), the pics are only from the first half of January.  And the sucking continues....

Again, sorry for the not-so-awesome photos, my promise to myself to use natural light and work a bit harder for better pics just hasn't worked itself out quite yet.  I used a mix of the GB January kit and (my scrap-bff) SN@P stuff I had leftover from another GB kit, along with Studio AE stamps (adore Ali!), some washi and my Tiny Attacher, which has become one of my favorite tools of all time.  There were some fun moments in January, I especially love the pic on the bottom left of my husband and Miss Q after both had twirled their hair in the exact same way, and the pics on the top right from date night w/ my BFF Winif.  And Baby Kisses :)

Promising to do better with the blog and the scrapping and the stuff I need to do to NURTURE myself!
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