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There's Always That One Sister

I had to make a layout with my three sister's in it.  HAD TO.  The photos are from my Q's 2nd Birthday Party and I think they show what a goofball dork I can be.  I'm the baby out of 6 kids, and I am the youngest child in every sense of the word.  My oldest sisters, Susan and Michell, were like moms to me, while Amy and I just kind of steered clear of each other until she moved out and we had some space to miss each other ;)  Now we're the best of friends, but growing up she was definitely the mean older sister!  And the tallest.  And skinniest.  And blonde-est.  (no jealousy there, right?).  So here's the 4 girls and our Mama, who hates having her picture taken.

I used Gossamer Blue September kits, which included the awesome Jen Hadfield gold dot stickers, and those cork camera's from Shimelle are SO AWESOME.  Given the color range of our clothes in the photos, I wanted to stick mainly with neutrals for the layout.  The stamped black frames around the cameras are a Gossamer Blue exclusive stamps for September (designed by the amazing Mish Wooderson, you must click on her name and read her blog!).  

A few randoms about my sister's:
  • Susan and Michell used to fight like crazy, which included tossing each other down the stairs.
  • At one point Michell lived across the street from my parents and Susan lived 1.5 blocks away.
  • Susan and Amy still live in my hometown, as does our Mom.
  • Michell lives only 30 minutes from me.  We can't seem to get away from each other (in a good way)!  Which puts Michell and I only 1.5 hours from our sisters and mom.
  • Our mom made Amy babysit for Susan's and Michell's kids.  All the time.
  • I was the baby so I never had to babysit.  Ha!  Probably the main reason for that was because I accidentally gave my niece April a concussion while babysitting :-/  In my defense, I was playing with her and she fell off my shoulders!  She still has a dent in her head.  Oh, and there's that one time I had to watch my niece Angie and I fed her crunchy mac-n-cheese.  I still can't cook.
  • Age differences:  Amy is 5 years older than me, Michell is 14 years older and Susan is 16 years older than me.  
  • When I was about 6, I punched Amy and knocked the wind out of her.  That's what she gets for being a meany-pants!  And for french-braiding my hair so tight I could barely blink.
Have a great weekend!

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