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Miss Q At three

We had quite the celebration last weekend.  Our girly turned THREE.

Cupcakes.  Sugar Cookies.  Balloon's.  Love.  So much love at this party.

It's hard to describe living with a three year old.  Mood swings.  Yeah, I think mood swings sums it up the best.

Our dolly is a delight.  Incredibly imaginative.  She can play pretend with her babies for hours.

Our girl is dramatic.  The smallest things can break her heart.

She's learning to be a friend.

She's understanding what it means to share (although she doesn't seem to care for it).

She still loves paci.  When she is looking for paci and finally finds it, she typically exclaims, "there you are my beautiful paci!"

I know she's too old for paci.  But I don't want her to grow up yet.

This girl is going to preschool in the Fall.  It's all she can talk about.

And in the next breath, asks me if I can stay with her while she's at school.

I know this girl will be amazing.  

She's definitely going places.

And one day she will leave home for good.

Until then, you can find us spending our days like this.

Happy Three our precious girl.

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