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Check Me Out (pats self on back)...

Ok, I have raved about Gossamer Blue a gazillion times, but I have to say that Lori's kits are the bomb diggity.  Not only are the kits amazing, but the COMMUNITY Lori has created is absolutely amazing.  Every person who plays along with the Flickr posts and the challenges is great, super creative and KIND.  The comments I receive in the Flickr gallery totally move me, encouraging me to keep trying and doing and creating.  I have to say I adore this community, they make my heart smile.

That being said, check out who received her free album for playing along with the monthly layout challenge:
Gossamer Blue Blog

After seeing my layout listed in the blog post, I realized I have GOT TO TAKE BETTER PICS OF MY LAYOUTS!  Jeez, talk about a wonky pic.  Regardless, I'm proud of myself and the fact that I followed through with posting my layouts to win a free album.  I cannot wait to receive it and to keep challenging myself, sharing my work and hopefully getting some more recognition in the scrap community.  My personal goal for 2013 was to receive some type of recognition and I've achieved that goal, now it's time to aim higher.  I really want to earn a spot on a design team, so here I am, putting myself out there and making my dream a reality.  I WILL NURTURE MY CREATIVITY AND MAKE THAT GOAL A REALITY.  I will.
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