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This little baby...

| almost 1 year old!  Aaaack!  How did this happen?  It seems like she was barely able to roll over just yesterday.

I went a little bonkers and ordered a cake smash outfit from Etsy.  Miss Q has her 1 year pics this weekend and my BFF Winif and I are going to attempt to make a mini cake I found on Pinterest.  I have another friend attempting a mini, tiered, ombre pink cake for the party.  I've made a rag banner and plan to make another banner or two as well, which I'll use for both the pics and the party.

After receiving said cake smash outfit, I immediately had to try the headband on Miss Q.
Is that NOT the most adorable headband in the universe?

Unfortunately, Q doesn't seem to love it as much as Mama.
Here's to hoping she'll wear it long enough to get a few cake smash pics!
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