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Discovery Part 2

In thinking about why I love this hobby/craft/art/whatever-you-want-to-call-it....

  1. You can't get it wrong.  It's what YOU love to do, it's the colors that YOU like, it's photos YOU choose.  Most importantly, it's what is pleasing to YOU in every way.
  2. Style.  If you like to do similar page layouts over and over and over, DO THAT.  I tend to use one photo, sometimes 2-3 smaller photos, with lots of layering.  It makes me happy.  It's my style.
  3. Patterned paper.  That is all.
  4. Cards.  Mixed Media.  Home Decor.  There are about a million different ways this craft can go, the path is there for choosing or not.  I don't enjoy Home Decor projects so much, so I stay off that path.  I love cards and refuse to buy them anymore (unless handmade!), so cards is one of the paths I take.  
  5. Amazing on-line friends.  Get active in a gallery or forum or both.  Share your work.  Connect.  This is one of the kindest communities you will ever find, make some friends, you will come to value them.
After writing Discovery Part 1 (read it here) I realized that the things I listed that aren't me are actually things I didn't feel confident in doing.  While I will probably never master grids like Lisa, there's no reason I can't do my own version.  Flicking and misting?  I think I'm definitely getting better.  I just have to keep at it.

Here's to keepin' on :)

P.S.  I have A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT coming sometime this week.  BIG.

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